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Hand-crafted Narrow Trowel

Hand-crafted Narrow Trowel

  • $4000

The narrow Trowel is ideal for planting bulbs and edging in tight spaces along the borders of beds. Teeth are great for separating roots. 

Each tool in this collection is individually built using traditional blacksmithing techniques. Steel is heated to a red glow in the forge and then shaped over the anvil with a hammer.  All joinery is done using solid steel rivets. And, while each tool is hot it is burned into the handle creating a long-lasting garden tool with no welds.  Black Walnut is used for handles. The tight grain of this strong hardwood makes it very durable. Best of all, it just feels good in your hand. Quality workmanship, well-balanced form, and an emphasis on usability make Iron and Wood Garden Tools a unique addition to any home or garden.


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